!important CSS2 browser support

In response to a query on the WebAIM Web Accessibility Forum Mailing List, this is a breakdown of support for Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 !important rules.

In CSS1, a page author's !important rule would have more weight than a user style sheet's !important. This was reversed in CSS2. Here are the results of tests done using this test page and this user style sheet.

Whose !important rule is used: the author's or the user's?
Browser CSS that wins cascade
Mozilla 1.4a (current milestone at this writing, 2003-04-16) User
Netscape 7.02 User
Netscape 6.2 Author
Internet Explorer 5+ (PC and Macintosh) User 1
Opera 5+ (PC and Macintosh) Author 2
iCab 2.9.1 Author
  1. Internet Explorer 5/Mac for some reason did not apply the user style sheet border style. It did use the rest of the user style sheet correctly.
  2. Opera does have in its preferences the option to turn off all page author styling. With that off the user style sheet shows, naturally.

If anyone wants to test in Konqueror and Safari (given that they support user style sheets, which I don't know if they do) and let me know the results, I'll incorporate them here. The same of course goes for any browser with user style sheet support (did Internet Explorer 4 offer this?) that I've omitted from this list.

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