Shifra Raffel

Former co-worker from Oxygen Media

221 Main Street
Suite 480
San Francisco, CA 94105

October 19, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of working with Bill Mason, our aptly named "HTML Guru," since July of 2000. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any position: he would be an asset to any company.

In our small Web Production department, I have often needed to collaborate on projects with Bill where I was coding the back end of a project while he coded the front end. Bill has always been organized, careful, thorough, personable, speedy, and current on the latest developments in the web world. He has set standards in our department and the site. Some examples are his developing an extensive stylesheet reference; continually passing on news and information that impacted us, e.g. about new browser releases (Bill was first to report to Bugzilla a recent issue with Netscape 6, and its solution); and structuring a big meeting on a huge site issue by bringing well-designed documentation that made the problem clear and helped generate the solution. Everyone welcomed the news that Bill had been assigned to their project, because they knew he'd be a pleasure to work with and that their project would turn out well.

I'd be happy to answer any further questions about Bill. I can be reached at referbill at I'd strongly advise hiring him. He's the best I know.


Shifra Raffel
Web Programmer

Geraldine Laybourne

Chairman and CEO of Oxygen Media

To whom it may concern:

I am writing a letter in recommendation of Bill Mason, who was employed in our San Francisco Thriveonline office from September 1999 through October 2001.

Given the rough economy, we were forced to close this office. It was heartbreaking for many of us, because this group of people not only produced a great product but they were an extraordinary group of collaborative, innovative, talented people. Thrive is the most popular healthy living site on the web, with 2.0 million unique users every month.

Bill started at Thrive as an HTML Associate and was promoted a year later to HTML Guru. His promotion was based on the merit of his work and in recognition of his leadership and expert technical abilities. Even before his promotion, Bill was always given the toughest and largest projects at Thrive and he always came through. He was the man our content producers wanted to work with the most.

Bill was a team player who kept us aware of issues with browsers and developed many of our standards for HTML coding style sheet use and accessibility. He often took the initiative to get things started and picked up the slack when things slowed.

He is an expert multitasker, effective at every project stage from creative development to post-launch QA, no matter how many projects he works on at once. He always completes his assigned tasks with very little supervision, with technical precision, and delivers them on or ahead of schedule.

Overall, I believe Bill is a born team leader and technical director. He undoubtedly will continue to only gain skills and be a productive member of any organization.


Geraldine B. Laybourne
Chairman and CEO

Wendy Marx

Vice President, ThriveOnline

October 22, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing a letter in recommendation of Bill Mason, who was employed at ThriveOnline, Oxygen Media's health site, from September 1999 through October 2001.

Oxygen Media made the tough decision to close ThriveOnline to concentrate on its core product. Perhaps the most difficult part of this decision was realizing that it meant breaking up an exceptional and skilled group of people. Bill was one of the stars amongst this elite group.

Bill quietly powered through his work as HTML Guru on ThriveOnline's production team since he joined us in September 1999. Once you give him an assignment you never have to ask him about it again because you know it will show up on time (if not early) and in top quality. He is a team player, incredibly flexible and easy to work with.

While getting all his work done, Bill also managed to take initiative to solve problems before others even knew they existed. It is this attitude and his technology aptitude that show his ability to lead.

In short, Bill was in high demand. All the producers asked for Bill to be assigned to their projects. He is the kind of employee we all search for.


Wendy Marx
Vice President
ThriveOnline, only on Oxygen

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